San Juan Basin

San Juan Gas Plant
Located in northwestern New Mexico and southwestern Colorado, the San Juan Basin has significant natural gas production. ConocoPhillips is the largest operator in the basin. Our conventional production yields mainly coalbed methane and approximately 35% natural gas liquids.  
Mesa Verde, Pictured Cliffs and Dakota formations
We continue to pursue development opportunities in these three conventional formations. The Mesa Verde Formation, which consists of the Lewis Shale, Cliffhouse, Menefee and Point Lookout sands, is the largest producing tight-gas formation in the San Juan Basin. Our net production from the conventional tight-gas producing formations averaged 432 MMCFD of natural gas and 28 MBD of liquids in 2015.
Fruitland Coal (coalbed methane)
In 2015, our net production from the Fruitland Coal Formation averaged 225 MMCFD of natural gas and 1 MBD of liquids.San Juan Gas Plant
The San Juan Gas Plant, located in Bloomfield, New Mexico, is operated and 50% owned by ConocoPhillips.  It has a natural gas processing capacity of 550 MMCFD.